Our Ministers

Pastor Lola Bakare

Lola, a former broadcaster and wife of Pastor Dele. She assists with church administration & pastoral care. Lola is a trainer, teacher and marriage counsellor. She is also the President of the Winning Womens Fellowship. She has a passion for bringing encouragement to people, helping them be who God wants them to be. 

Pastor Yemi Oyekoya

Olayemi, coordinates the counselling & welfare tea in provding one-on-one counselling services to members requiring this. She ensures a welcoming atmosphere permeates the activities of the church.


Olayemi, a trained nurse is married with children.


Deacon Toyin Alade


Deacon Alfred Denedo


Alfred, a security specialist, coordinates the protocol team and ensures order during church services.


He is married with children.



Deacon Sanmi Adebayo


Sanmi, a trained GIS Analyst coordinates the activities of the youths, planning regular events to the focus of the youths on the Word of God. Sanmi is married with children. 


Deacon Gideon Ogunkinle

Gideon coordinates the choir and inspires them to the delivery of soul lifting songs in the praise & worship of Jesus.Gideon, a construction manager and he is  married with children


Deaconess Hannah Oladokun


Hannah coordinates the finance team ensuring financial accountability. She is a trained nurse and married with children.



Deaconess Bose Davis



Bose, coordinates the pastoral care team in addition to responsibilities for the church bookshop. She ensures pastors and visiting ministers are treated with honour & dignity.



Bose is married with children.